Marianne TENAND
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Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) / -

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2594 AV La Haye
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Equity in eligibility for and use of publicly-subsidized long-term care in France and the Netherlands

In most European countries, the public coverage of the long-term care expenditures incurred by the disabled elderly is only partial. Yet there is to date little evidence on the degree of (socio-economic) inequalities in the use of formal long-term care services. While countries have adopted varying financing systems (social insurance, tax-funded benefits at the national or local level), assessment of equity in the financing of the schemes is also warranted..

Cadre institutionnel du projet : Doctorat, Post-doctorat
How sensitive to co-payments for long-term care are the disabled elderly?

In order to reduce the public spending on long-term care (LTC), many countries impose some cost-sharing to beneficiaries of publicly-subsidized LTC. How do these co-payments affect the use of home care by the elderly? To what extent can they delay the entry into a nursing home? The price elasticity of LTC use is a critical parameter to understand the welfare impacts of LTC subsidy programs and anticipate the impact of LTC policy reforms..

Cadre institutionnel du projet : Doctorat, Post-doctorat, Projet collaboratif en France, Projet collaboratif international

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